Video mapping of machines

Nothing sells better than your own machine, where the clients see their finished, the components that makes their products … but sometimes with one or two machines at the expo is enough for your customers to get an idea of the construction and quality of their products. But the best solution is to have the entire line of products on the stand and all machines running for customers to see the production process with animated scale video mapping. This video mappings reduces the costs, of electrical consumption, transports, and  the assemblies are easy to mount, attracting visitors for their great curiosity […]

Catalogs for Tablets

Use new technologies to display your product catalog app format for iPad and Android tablets. Group all the video and pictures with their technical characteristics and 360° images of parts and machinery. Rotate your products moving your finger across the screen. The images and videos of their products in high definition and broadcast a technological image to your customers […]

Vela & Depalol from Labelexpo 2013

The last day of Label expo in Brussels with the company Vela. A great commercial success for Vela which have built a reputation as a brand and a great international expansion. From our part, we are excited to participate and be part of the reason that the company has reached an contemporary commercial and technological image and satisfaction with a job well done transmitted to us by the direction of the company.

&nbsp […]

Custom designs


When making the difference is important the new technologies are the best solution but often you could end up with a touch support like that of your competition, and your customers do not remember you for the innovation. In Depalol we create tailor-made interactive medium. Like a custom bike has 2 wheels, a motor and a handle but no two are alike, in Depalol integrate the parts of a conventional interactive support but with a custom design. The tactile interaction with a screen isn’t the best way to get feedback of your costumers, but the interaction with your […]