We release Christie projectors


In Depalol Multimedia have expanded the set of projectors with some new Christies of 6000 lumen with which we hope to expand the size of the scenes and events with our new mediaserver VMR12 with control capability up to 11 projectors which we announced to be ready for events in the month of July as we already have it in beta test […]

Large format screens

With our image management systems synchronize different image projectors to create large-format images. To cover large projection surfaces.
We have a large range of different screens both rigid and flexible materials that allow us to create front and backward oversized projection surfaces

Holographic 360° images

Pantallas holograficas interactivas


Our specialty! Projections over transparent screens with three-dimensional content with we achieve spectacular holographic effect. Along with the development of 3D animations of our 3D department specialized in industrial machines and their parts can be displayed from any perspective and our interaction developers to add their magic to achieve flipping 360 degrees of the object with just moving the hands in front of the screen.

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Interactive holographic screens

From science fiction to reality, in 2002 Tom Cruise discovered crimes before they happen on a transparent screen by moving his hands in front of the screen. In 2013 a client asks for a catalog of their products in a transparent screen like in the movie and Depalol going an step forward proposed to the client a touchless system, cutting-edge tecnology, with three-dimensional scanning of the hands so he could check the contents of their digital catalog without needing  to touch the screen, just point and select.

The Wow effect you are looking for your event